Church Planting

Start a different kind of church.

GlocalNet is a family of churches united around mobilizing our church members to engage society around the gospel of the Kingdom to create flourishing communities.

This is the DNA of the GlocalNet family of churches. Together, we have started over 200 churches with the simple goal of serving your city and a hard place around the world. The GlocalNet family looks different in every city but these three principles are what guide us. If God has called you to start a church or take an existing church into a new direction, we know this will work in your community.

What if instead of just paying a few people to do the mission work for your church, your entire church was mobilized to use their job and skills to live on mission both in your city and around the world? Think of the impact that will make in your people and your church! With your leadership, we can guide your church into living out the Great Commission.

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There are 3 main pillars to be a part of GlocalNet

A Church that
Plants Churches

Serve the poor or
needy in your city

Serve in a hard part
of the world

GlocalNet Family of Churches


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