Bob Roberts Jr has always looked for the opportunity to have deep, meaningful conversations with others. His BOLD LOVE podcast is a new forum for Bob to continue the same discussions he has been having for decades, but for all to hear!

It is a story-telling podcast that will encourage the listener to live out faith boldly, how to better love your neighbor and learn how to relate to others despite differences without compromising faith. Listen now!



While Bob enjoys having meaningful conversations, he has been writing blogs for decades as a way to journal with his followers. These blogs narrate challenging ideas that Bob has and how he comes to the conclusion that he does.

If you have ever wanted to understand Bob more, his blogs are a great way to do that. They serve as a time capsule of thoughts, ideas, and struggles that he has narrated for anyone to understand the true Bob and the meaning behind his mission.


Latest Blogs

September 28, 2021

Why Interact with People of Other Faiths?

The greatest opportunities of our lives will not be those that we go after but those that come after us unexpectedly. They are God moments—not things that we would choose…
August 11, 2021

Rise and Fall – Five Reasons Pastors Fall and How to Prevent It

Sitting and listening to the “Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” breaks my heart. Reflecting on that season of the American church reminds me of how I got disillusioned as…
August 4, 2021

Planting Glocal Churches for the World

As followers of Christ we have been called to make disciples and to bring life and hope to a world of decay, disease and death. The New Testament is a…

In The News

September 10, 2021

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network Day Of Service for Refugees

We want to unite citizens around love and serving those in need. The MFNN Day of Service will bring people of multiple faith backgrounds together to provide goods for Afghan…
May 25, 2021

Holy Post Podcast with Phil Vischer

Pastor Bob Roberts was invited on the Holy Post Podcast with Phil Vischer and Skye Jetani on 5/11/21. Here are the details of the interview directly from the Holy Post:…
March 4, 2021

The Economist: Two Nations Under God

Evangelicals are divided over the movement’s support for Donald Trump BOB ROBERTS JR QUOTED IN THE ARTICLE ON MARCH 3, 2021 Set in the bucolic countryside on the edge of…
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If you want to know where and how the church is going to grow, think local and global. Think glocal.Glocal is Bob Roberts’ term for the seamless connectedness between the local and global.

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Real-Time Connections

The Great Commission is not just for professional clergy; it is a charge to every follower of Christ—ordinary Christians like you and me.

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Author and pastor Bob Roberts Jr. is one of the architects of what church and Christian community can become in this new century.

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The Multiplying Church

The Multiplying Church is a primer for pastors and lay leaders involved in, or wanting to learn about, the church multiplication groundswell in North America.

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Lessons from the East

That’s the disruptive question church planter Bob Roberts Jr. wrestled with while connecting with top global church planters and pastors.

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Bold as Love

People often think of their neighbors as those already belonging to their “tribe” or community. It’s safe, it’s easy, and it doesn’t often cause conflict—politically or religiously.

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