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Holy Post Podcast Appearance

Bob talks with the hosts of the Holy Post podcast Phil Vischer and Skye Jethani on discipleship, state of the church and importance of being present in the public square.

National Roundtable of Building Bridges

See Bob Roberts, along with Multifaith Neighbors Network, lead a roundtable with Christine Caine, Dalia Mogahed & Amy-Jill Levine on how their faith impacts their work on the MFNN National Call in January 2021.

Do Christians Hate Muslims?

Hear Bob Roberts gives three reasons why evangelical Christians dislike Muslims and why we need to shift our mindset on Bold Love – loving like Jesus.

World Economic Forum Conference

Bob discusses why Christians should engage the world with love during the WEF roundtable on Building New Platforms of Cooperation.

International Peace Conference 2020

International Peace Conference by TVOne to discuss his work as a Pastor doing religious freedom work in the Middle East through Multi-Faith Neighbors Network.

Bob on Huckabee Show

Pastor Bob sheds light on the persecution of the Kachin Christians & the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar/Burma — and explains what you can do to help.

O’zbekiston 24 TV Segment

Hear Pastor Bob interviewed about Uzbekistan being removed from Country of Particular Concern list by some of the work with Multi-Faith Neighbors Network.

Evangelical Immigration Table Roundtable

Hear Pastor Bob interviewed on the Evangelical’s role in immigration on the Evangelical Immigration Table

Bob Roberts on HBO’s Axios

Axios took a visit to NorthWood Church in Keller, Texas and talked to Bob for perspective into faith and politics in the evangelical community.

Importance of Multi-Faith Relations

Hear about Pastor Bob’s trip to Uzbekistan with Multi-Faith Neighbors Network and the importance of religious freedom work alongside with other faiths.

Church Leadership & Discipleship

5 Ways to Make Global Disciples

Bob Roberts explains how his church approaches discipleship through hearing God and obeying Him in everyday life. 5 Practical steps to global disciples.

Loving Your Political Enemies

Bob was invited to the Saturate webinar with Jeff Vanderstelt to discuss a  viewpoint on how Christians can learn to love your neighbor despite differences and what the Bible says on the topic.

How to Address Injustice

Bob Roberts encourages believers to engage in social justice issues through their everyday lives and conversations.

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