Growing up as a pastor’s kid in a small town in East Texas, I got to learn so much about the Bible from my dad and other mentors. As I matured in my faith, I had strong theological opinions, but I realized I really didn’t know how to live it outside the church well. I knew how to debate or explain my faith, but I didn’t know how to love – truly love. It was after I started a church, and it grew to a decent size before I realized that I was pretty good at loving people in my church, but failing at loving my enemies as Jesus instructed. This requires Bold Love.

As I began to build friendships around the world with people different than me, I realized I had so much to learn about how building relationships was the key to better understanding, trust, and even sharing my faith! My theology didn’t change; my methodology did.

The concept of Bold Love, where you can build friendships without compromising your beliefs. Where you can work together for a common goal of resilient communities while having deep theological differences. Best of all, I believe it makes God happy as we love our neighbors regardless.

But how do we love boldly? What does it look like to love your neighbor or even your enemies? What does a world look like where people of other religions hold on to their faith while engaging with people who have many different views of the world? These questions have led me to have deep conversations with people from around the world, and I would love to share what I’ve learned along this uncommon path.

Join me as this is a chance for us to learn from some of my friends to highlight the uncommon journeys of bridge builders and peacemakers that are living out their faith in the public, pursuing peace by loving their neighbor and working together to build resilient communities around the globe. Trust me, listening to these conversations will make you rethink how to go through life and your faith in the public square – it’s time to have Bold Love.


The past few years have brought tremendous polarization in our country and the world. Whether political differences or social injustice, competing news sources or arguments on social platforms – people are becoming more and more divided all in the eyes of the public square. But how do we repair this extreme polarization? How do we better relate to one another despite differences? What can we do? That is why the theme of all of these conversations Pastor Bob will be having during season 2 will be focused on “Mending the Divide”. 

We like to think that if your faith ventures beyond the walls of your church, or tribe, or religion – into the world with people who thought differently than you. And have a realization to see people as beings made in the image of God – it would radically change people’s mindset. We plan to facilitate discussions surrounding guidance & wisdom on suggestions on what it will take to begin to mend our divides. We ask you the listener, to come on this journey with us with an open mind to relate to others despite your differences without compromising your faith.

We’d hope you’d join us on this story-telling journey focused on encouraging you the listener to live out your faith boldly, how to better love your neighbor and to learn how to relate to others despite your differences without compromising your faith.

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  • Never stop Learning and Love People
    by Othejoy from United States

    I discovered this podcast by listening to an interview with Bob on the Holy Post podcast. I’ve learn so much from these podcasts about being more open to others who do not look like me or have a belief system like me. It’s so important for me to see people, build relationships and love them. Love and see people like Jesus. Thank you for helping me grow in my walk with the Lord.

  • Encouraging
    by Recycled. Mom from United States

    A loving, open dialogue helping to encourage love of all of those created in Gods image.

  • Thank you !!
    by EcologyStudent from France

    Pastor Bob Roberts is a radiance of LOVE and KINDNESS in our broken world... thank you pastor !

  • So much needed today!
    by John Geo from United States

    Open, honest and insightful conversation! Loved it!

  • Great for learning how to love!
    by bevo 15 from United States

    This podcast brings a lot of knowledge and tools to help us live in a world that is hard. The Beth Moore episode has brought many blessings on me. Hearing the discussions here have helped me understand the world better and love others with a Jesus driven heart.

  • Beth Moore episode
    by dghjurdxv from United States

    Thank you so much for interviewing her Bob. I feel refreshed and hopeful.

  • Living out Bold Love!!
    by paige1115 from United States

    What a great and encouraging conversation that is so applicable to all of us today. Thankful for an honest podcast that challenges, teaches, and gives tangible ways to express bold love!

  • A Bright Spot
    by ash.ven from United States

    I found this podcast to be a bright spot in a divisive climate. Thank you for modeling how to build friendships with and fight for the rights of others who are different than you. This can exist without our compromising your faith. As Imam Magid said, "it will affirm your faith."

  • Fun conversations, not sermons/lectures!!!
    by nsgibbs3 from United States

    Pastor Bob doesn’t just talk about loving people outside one’s one tribe, he lives it! This show demonstrates that we can stay committed to our faith while genuinely loving people who are different than us. This podcast isn’t a sermon, it’s a fun conversation between people from whom it’s a privilege to learn!

  • Bold friendship building
    by Crhupp from United States

    Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. and Imam Mohamed Magid are both passionate about their faith. What this podcast highlights are two men that are from vastly different backgrounds but have been willing to forge a deep friendship. They have found they also have a lot in common as they commit to look for the common good in bridge-building with each other’s respective faith communities in DFW and world-wide. They have fun too and you can’t help but wonder why we don’t all give ourselves the privilege of building new friendships with the “others” around us.

  • Breaking down the walls
    by Dtcounselor from United States

    Bob Roberts shows us through his own personal walk how to love others regardless of their religious beliefs, without compromising your faith.

  • Much Needed
    by d a n i e l from United States

    Excited for this.

  • NorthWood Church Elder
    by Rusty Mayeux from United States

    I have had the special priviledge of knowing Bob the past 20+ years as he has been on this quest to live out what it means to have Bold Love! I have traveled with him to the Middle East as he works to build bridges. Meeting several of his friends from around the world from a variety of races and religions, I can attest to the effectiveness of how Bob respects and relates to others from very different backgrounds. He walks the talk as he sees every human being as made in the image of God. I look forward to hearing many more stories of Bold Love in action on this podcast.

  • Evangelicals Learning to Love their Enemies
    by Pastor JMP from United States

    The life of Bob Roberts is a road map for following Jesus to love your neighbor. His journey as an evangelical Christian that spent most days with his own tribe, to a pastor from East Texas that spends his days loving his enemies, is amazing. This journey is one the American church must take in the 21st century if they want to impact culture. I love this podcast

  • Living and Loving Like Jesus
    by Bowteach from United States

    Bob Roberts not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. His journey to love and love others just like Jesus. He boldly loves others without condition. He speaks truth and shows others the love of Jesus. I was privileged to see this in action while in Vietnam and in the church he pastored. Bob leads by example and encourages others as he boldly steps out in faith. He is led by the Holy Spirit as he walks a journey of faith and love. He has a powerful message to share. Be sure to listen and you will gain a treasure.!

  • Stories of loving your neighbor
    by Mistytate from United States

    Look forward to hearing more of these stories that encourage!

  • NorthWood Church leader
    by Jane Mayeux from United States

    Just joined Bold Love Podcast where Sr. Pastor Bob Roberts will be sharing his world-wide, transforming journey of learning to boldly love others different from his faith community. Bob is passionate about loving others from different cultures, faiths and beliefs. A self-described evangelical, Bob has made lasting friendships across the world with religious leaders from the world's major religions, where he advocates for religious freedom, mutual respect and friendship. As one who has cringed at the world "evangelical" because of some of the abuses that have occurred and are attached to that label, Bob Roberts is redeeming the word "evangelical" as he inspires us to listen well to others in the Public Square, to agree where we find commonality, and when we disagree, to do so peacefully and respectfully without having to compromise our beliefs. If you want to learn how to build bridges of peace, join Bob Roberts' uncommon journey of Bold Love.

  • Inspiring and Insightful
    by Pastor Scott Venable from United States

    The stories and the people you will hear from on these episodes will be life-altering. They will challenge existing paradigms of how we see people and break down the walls of tribalism. In such a polarized world that we live in, Bold Love has never been more timely. I’ve known Bob for over 10 years and have been inspired and challenged to love as boldly as he does. This is a can’t miss podcast!

  • Can’t wait!
    by Micah Fries from United States

    I don’t know of anyone who has taught me to love others - especially those I may have disagreements with- more than Bob Roberts. I can’t wait to dive in to this podcast and to learn more from Bob.

  • The Love of God—Embodied
    by Pastor Bez from United States

    Bob Roberts taught me firsthand the importance of living the Christian faith. I’ve had the opportunity to watch Bob love all sorts of people that are often considered “enemies” of Christians. His unabashed, Jesus-focused love has led all sorts of people to realize just how big the love of God is and how it can change lives. I know you will love hearing these true stories.

  • Powerful, Inspirational, New Podcast
    by Rabbi Eli Freedman from United States

    So excited to hear about Pastor Bob’s powerful stories of multifaith work. As a Rabbi who has worked with with Bob, I can tell you that he is the real deal!

  • Transformation
    by Crazy tank from United States

    I have known Bob for over 20 years. I know a lot of his journey and stories. Still, I am very excited anticipating these podcasts. Bob shares how his life, thoughts, and beliefs have been transformed by his journey of Bold Love. We too have been transformed working alongside Bob and supporting what God has anointed him to do. Don’t miss the world changing power of Bold Love.

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