Growing up as a pastor’s kid in a small town in East Texas, I got to learn so much about the Bible from my dad and other mentors. As I matured in my faith, I had strong theological opinions, but I realized I really didn’t know how to live it outside the church well. I knew how to debate or explain my faith, but I didn’t know how to love – truly love. It was after I started a church, and it grew to a decent size before I realized that I was pretty good at loving people in my church, but failing at loving my enemies as Jesus instructed. This requires Bold Love.

As I began to build friendships around the world with people different than me, I realized I had so much to learn about how building relationships was the key to better understanding, trust, and even sharing my faith! My theology didn’t change; my methodology did.

The concept of Bold Love, where you can build friendships without compromising your beliefs. Where you can work together for a common goal of resilient communities while having deep theological differences. Best of all, I believe it makes God happy as we love our neighbors regardless.

But how do we love boldly? What does it look like to love your neighbor or even your enemies? What does a world look like where people of other religions hold on to their faith while engaging with people who have many different views of the world? These questions have led me to have deep conversations with people from around the world, and I would love to share what I’ve learned along this uncommon path.

Join me as this is a chance for us to learn from some of my friends to highlight the uncommon journeys of bridge builders and peacemakers that are living out their faith in the public, pursuing peace by loving their neighbor and working together to build resilient communities around the globe. Trust me, listening to these conversations will make you rethink how to go through life and your faith in the public square – it’s time to have Bold Love.


At the Bold Love Podcast, we are excited to introduce a brand new episode format – Journal Sessions with Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. Journal Sessions is a new format we are launching due to the feedback from our listeners! The concept of Journal Sessions are weekly 10-20 minute podcasts that feature things that are on Pastor Bob’s mind, sharing detailed lessons he has learned along his journey as a pastor, church planter, and bridge builder. It’s a behind the scenes look inside his journal on things that he is thinking deeply about and sharing what he has discovered. It’s like a leadership/mentorship/deep thinking podcast that we hope will be a great value to you as you listen. Think of Journal Sessions like an expansion from a very insightful tweet thread from Bob on topics of God is laying on his heart.

But don’t worry – We will continue to post our normal format of interviews with well known bridge builders, peacemakers and helping listeners learn how to better love their neighbor.

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  • Thank you
    by Kvicker from United States

    Excellent wisdom and engaging content! Thank you for your life and heart for the Lord!

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    I enjoy listening to the wisdom from Bob and his stories

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    I love listening to the short episodes where Bob pours out whats on his heart. I have appreciated Pastor Bob from a distance for a while, and now I can hear him.

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    The episode on leading imitating Christ at home. thanks for the encouragement.

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    We need more of this thought process in our society. Thank you Bob for modeling this well.

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    Love the heart behind the episodes

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    by Reedtid from United States

    It was funny, interesting and loved hearing Bob and Phil go back-and-forth. Church, history, too!

  • love
    by Steven n yout from United States

    Fun & Impactful “ I love listening to the short episodes where Bob pours out whats on his heart. I have appreciated Pastor Bob from a distance for a while, and now I can hear him.”

  • thanks
    by GAILGFF from United States

    Imitating Christ “The episode on leading imitating Christ at home. thanks for the encouragement.”

  • well
    by jason355 from United States

    More Please “We need more of this thought process in our society. Thank you Bob for modeling this well.”

  • amazing
    by stonis676 from United States

    Love your neighbor “Love the heart behind the episodes”

  • Loved
    by Reedtid from United States

    Loved the Phil Vischer episode “It was funny, interesting and loved hearing Bob and Phil go back-and-forth. Church, history, too!

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    by Marshall S. Ruder from United States

    Bob isn’t afraid to say the hard things. I appreciate his thinking and encouragement that is based on scripture. His interviews are great too!

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    A must listen. I have followed Bob Roberts for a while and this podcast doesn’t disappoint.

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    Very insightful conversations and shows how we can have a civil conversations with people that are different from us. Great work!

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    by abbasalisolo from United States

    A very insightful podcast from Pastor Bob. Highly recommended

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    by Kthom5 from Canada

    Bob your joy and enthusiasm are contagious!!! I wish more leaders were confident in the love of God and in Jesus Christ so they would not resort to ramping up fear in their followers. Nothing can separate us from the love of God !! Thank you !!

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    by Othejoy from United States

    I discovered this podcast by listening to an interview with Bob on the Holy Post podcast. I’ve learn so much from these podcasts about being more open to others who do not look like me or have a belief system like me. It’s so important for me to see people, build relationships and love them. Love and see people like Jesus. Thank you for helping me grow in my walk with the Lord.

  • Encouraging
    by Recycled. Mom from United States

    A loving, open dialogue helping to encourage love of all of those created in Gods image.

  • Thank you !!
    by EcologyStudent from France

    Pastor Bob Roberts is a radiance of LOVE and KINDNESS in our broken world... thank you pastor !

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    Open, honest and insightful conversation! Loved it!

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    This podcast brings a lot of knowledge and tools to help us live in a world that is hard. The Beth Moore episode has brought many blessings on me. Hearing the discussions here have helped me understand the world better and love others with a Jesus driven heart.

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    Thank you so much for interviewing her Bob. I feel refreshed and hopeful.

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    What a great and encouraging conversation that is so applicable to all of us today. Thankful for an honest podcast that challenges, teaches, and gives tangible ways to express bold love!

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    by ash.ven from United States

    I found this podcast to be a bright spot in a divisive climate. Thank you for modeling how to build friendships with and fight for the rights of others who are different than you. This can exist without our compromising your faith. As Imam Magid said, "it will affirm your faith."

  • Fun conversations, not sermons/lectures!!!
    by nsgibbs3 from United States

    Pastor Bob doesn’t just talk about loving people outside one’s one tribe, he lives it! This show demonstrates that we can stay committed to our faith while genuinely loving people who are different than us. This podcast isn’t a sermon, it’s a fun conversation between people from whom it’s a privilege to learn!

  • Bold friendship building
    by Crhupp from United States

    Pastor Bob Roberts Jr. and Imam Mohamed Magid are both passionate about their faith. What this podcast highlights are two men that are from vastly different backgrounds but have been willing to forge a deep friendship. They have found they also have a lot in common as they commit to look for the common good in bridge-building with each other’s respective faith communities in DFW and world-wide. They have fun too and you can’t help but wonder why we don’t all give ourselves the privilege of building new friendships with the “others” around us.

  • Breaking down the walls