The past few years have brought tremendous polarization in our country and the world. Whether political differences or social injustice, competing news sources or arguments on social platforms – people are becoming more and more divided all in the eyes of the public square. But how do we repair this extreme polarization? How do we better relate to one another despite differences? What can we do? That is why the theme of all of these conversations Pastor Bob will be having during season 2 will be focused on “Mending the Divide”. 

We like to think that if your faith ventures beyond the walls of your church, or tribe, or religion – into the world with people who thought differently than you. And have a realization to see people as beings made in the image of God – it would radically change people’s mindset. We plan to facilitate discussions surrounding guidance & wisdom on suggestions on what it will take to begin to mend our divides. We ask you the listener, to come on this journey with us with an open mind to relate to others despite your differences without compromising your faith.

During this preview, we ask Pastor Bob, with what has transpired over the past couple of years in our nation, why do you think having discussions around finding ways to halt the growing polarization and large divide we are seeing is critical.

We’d hope you’d join us on this story-telling journey focused on encouraging you the listener to live out your faith boldly, how to better love your neighbor and to learn how to relate to others despite your differences without compromising your faith.

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Bold as Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does


About Pastor Bob Roberts Jr

Dr. Bob Roberts, Jr. is the founder of GlocalNet, a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing the church for transformation in the public square, founder and chairman of Glocal Ventures Inc (GVI) and co-founder of Multi-Faith Neighbors Network (MFNN), a multifaith organization committed to creating international religious freedom through intentional cross-cultural relationships. He is also currently the Senior Global Pastor at Northwood Church and host of the Bold Love podcast.

Bob has contributed or been featured on the World Economic Forum, Fox Business Channel, Washington Post, New York Times, Huckabee Show, Religious News Service, C-Span, Templeton Religions Trust, El-Hibri, Christianity Today, Outreach Magazine and more.

Bob is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (Doctorate of Ministry), Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity), and Baylor University (BA). He and his wife Niki have two children and three grandchildren.

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