Season 3 is going to be special. The theme is Unlikely – We are living in a time of polarization and fear like few times in American and global history. The fear between the faiths should not be something that causes us to destroy one another and the world in which we live, but to understand one another so we can move forward building flourishing communities together. 

This season will focus on moving from a conversation about others faiths, to a conversation with other faiths. A conversation that allows us to hear from those of different faiths, different worldviews, and different ideas that shape the way we communicate. Whether you’re a religious leader like a Pastor, Imam or Rabbi, or a person of faith, this is your chance to understand the realities of faith in the 21st century. 

To launch season 3, we wanted to turn the mic on our host and put Pastor Bob in the hot seat. Co-host Josh Tate gets the chance to talk with Pastor Bob on current events and crises around the globe, how he developed relationships with leaders around the world, insights & stories behind his wild path to where he is and the one thing that he is most excited about in 2022.



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