How do we use our gifts, abilities and resources to be a blessing and impact people with the Gospel? Start with what’s in your hands and with those who are in your neighborhood! It’s really that simple!

I’m always amazed at how we often desire a great strategy to engage with our neighbors—we feel ill-equipped to reach beyond the confines of comfort—yet all we’re called to do is embrace humanity and build friendship. Whether we’re talking about serving our neighbors or serving people in far away nations, the principles and purpose remain the same—building friendships that will open hearts to sharing the Gospel. The key is starting where you are and sharing what you can; using your skills, gifts, hobbies and abilities to reach out to those around you. You don’t need to take a class on this, you just need to invite folks over for a meal, mow their lawn or invite them over to watch the game! It’s really that simple, but it’s proving to be one of the most challenging things to do in North America; the hardest places for Christians to go and share the Good News is not far away, rather, it’s right across the road and sharing the Good News with people a few doors down. Here are four tactics from my experience that will produce over a long term for great impact in your city.

One key to greater impact in your city is starting where you are & sharing what you can; using your skills, gifts, hobbies & abilities to reach out to those around you. Click To Tweet

Partner over the long haul

Focus on a place long-term; this builds acceptance and credibility. Far too much mission work is done without thinking of partnership in the medium term. There’s nothing wrong with a short-term focus; it’s necessary and fruitful sometimes. It’s biblical too; not every geographical context received equal attention from the Apostles, there was a strategy and priority! Yet, there is something beautiful and fruitful about the places where God allows deeper relationships and a longer-term focus. More can be achieved if we think about partnership over the long haul, rather than an exclusive short-term focus.

Stay focused on the domains of society

As individuals, we should connect in the domains (education, economics, medical, civil society, agriculture, communication, governance, plumbing, carpentry, dentistry— whatever our line of work) that we already serve in. Leave ideas and programs at home; instead, let domain leaders connect and design based on expertise and need. Most churches design mission outreaches back in the mission departments, but that day is over. Our strategies should be centered around the connections people make in their lives on a daily basis, and we should be serving in our own domains and networks based on our daily lives.

How do we use our gifts, abilities & resources to be a blessing & impact people with the Gospel? Start with what’s in your hands & with those who are in your neighborhood! It’s really that simple! Click To Tweet


Embrace a servant heart

Arrogance and missions do not go together! Go on missions as global partners, not as the ‘Great Savior.’ People don’t want to be treated as charity cases—this is true in the USA and abroad. Many Christians today are getting into the ‘missional mind-set’. I like a lot of what it means, but there is still a lot to learn. Most Christians who engage do a project for the community, not with the community. How do we develop and nurture God’s heart for people around us?

Be filled, led and directed by the Holy Spirit

Pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day! This is of great importance to those who desire to leave an impact for the Gospel. Divine appointments and opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus are all around us, and they will come in simple, unexpected ways. Are we discerning? Are we listening to what “the Spirit says to the churches?” Many people are thinking of big events and opportunities, but the greatest fulfilment will come from the individual relationships we foster along the way, the small things add up.

Do you see how simple this all is? It’s not hard to think through the implications, but what is hard is the execution! If you take any these points and ask God to help you, you’d be surprised by what God does in your life and through you simple acts of love and service! Go for it! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

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