4 Messages for Pastors & Christ-Followers for 2021

This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life, but I would say it also has been one of the most fruitful.
Going into this new year, I wanted to write 4 things to pastors and Christ-followers; one to encourage, one to challenge, one to caution and one to get excited:

1. I encourage you to be disciplined. This past year has brought many challenges that we’ve never faced in the church. We must stay disciplined to stay close to scripture and learn from this past year on how to move forward. I explain one biggest spiritual disciplines I have and one way to grow is through journaling. Read more on the importance of that here.

2. I challenge you to be generous in love. If you look in your phone contacts and you don’t have someone of another faith or no faith, a different race, a different political leaning or someone who thinks differently than you – I challenge you to expand your contact list. Love your neighbor like never before. Make it a goal to be bolder in your love and learn how to relate better to others despite differences. It will transform you. Let’s commit to focusing on the commands of Jesus to have a bold love.

3. I caution you to not be dismissive about caring for you & your family’s mental health. Stats say 70% of pastors deal with depression/anxiety. Most pastors are weary or embarrassed to address this and it is more important than ever – to a point where it has become a big focus at GlocalNet to help provide pastor care. This interview with Pastor Greg Surratt is helpful to listen through if this is a struggle for you. It’s also important to be a part of a community of pastors that might be walking through similar things as you – that is one major thing we do at GlocalNet. If you are not connected to a community of pastors to talk with on a normal basis – click here to connect with us.

4. Get excited about the opportunity the church has in a time such as this. Bad times for the world means good times for the church to take action. God prepares the soil & we sow the seed. God prepares the soil of our heart by a storm & we’ve got to be ready. Get excited about the opportunity to serve, love and help fill the needs of the people that are struggling.

Bad times for the world means good times for the church to take action. God prepares the soil & we sow the seed. Click To Tweet


In 2021, may we walk FORWARD in truth, courage, faith, endurance, wisdom & most of all love.  Guide us on your path God where there is light & hope!